Blank slate white studio perfect to bring your creative vision to life. White walls, white floors, and white ceiling - with large windows for natural light. Use this studio as a blank space for your shoot, or set up a your studio equipment to really bring the space to life. Private dressing room and access to V-flats included. 

All White Studio

first floor

Hourly rate.................$125/hr

(1 hr. min.)

Book the All White Studio

2000+ square feet. Private master bedroom. Fully furnished living room, dining room, kitchen and office space - designed by Stephanie Pohlman Designs. Natural light and neutral colors. Perfect for any small event or lifestyle shoots - family, maternity, newborn, brands, couples, boudoir, digital creators, etc.  

Lifestyle Studio

second floor

Hourly rate.................$125/hr

(1 hr. min.)

Book the Lifestyle Studio

  • Workshops
  • Private events
  • Gatherings
  • Photoshoots
  • Club Meetings
  • Parties
  • Pop-ups
  • Retreats
  • Online boutiques
  • Podcast recordings
  • Content creation
  • Pop-up gallery
  • Classes and Seminars
  • Networking Events

Host your next event in one of our studios, or rent the entire building! Full day access (8+ hours).
Perfect for:

Extended Rentals

plan your event

One Studio..............................$800/day

inquire for Availability

Entire Building.................$1600/day

  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Yoga Classes
  • Culinary Events
  • Marketplace Events
  • Art and Craft Workshops
  • Book Launches and Readings
  • Therapy and Counseling Sessions
  • Health and Wellness Retreats
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Virtual Events
  • E-commerce Photoshoots
  • Collaborative Workspaces

Whatever your photography or event needs,
20th Street Studios is the place to create!

20th Street Studios

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